giovedì 18 luglio 2019


Summer School (english version)

Summer School 2019

WORKSHOP in collaboration with NoLimita-c-tion dance teachers
This year the No Limita-c-tions contemporary dance teachers organize three different workshops (level: intermediate/advanced), from the 20th to the 25th of August, lead by the choreographers Chisato Ohno, Chen Wei-Lee and Yasmeen Godder.
Info and subscriptions:

During the days of B.motion dance, the choreographers part of B.Motion Programme will lead open classes from 10.45 to 12.45 in the morning. Access only for B.Motion Card/Class holders (70€, we advise you to book it in advance).
21st August Clara Furey
22nd August Tony Tran
23rd August Alessandro Sciarroni
24th August Carolyn Bolton
25th August Lilian Steiner

From the 17th to the 25th August: a project for young dancers (from 8 to 13 years old), dedicated to contemporary dance, with dance classes led by the Australian choreographer James Batchelor (17th – 21st August), as part of AerowavesOFFSPRING project, and by the Italian dance makers Camilla Monga and Roberta Racis (22nd – 25th August). The project starts in July with a class led by Masako Matsushita (13th July, 3-5pm, at CSC Garage Nardini), and includes dance classes, a calendar of performances to be seen during the B.Motion days and feedback sessions with the bloggers.
Participation fee: 70€, performances included.

Choreographic Research Project
From 18th to the 25th August, a research week for choreographers, focusing on dance dramaturgy. Activities include dramaturgy studies, dialogues with choreographers and dance professionals, workshops, performances, events, panels, ateliers, and meetings with European projects partners. Participants will attend all the events of B motion.
The official language will be English. Attendance at the complete program is compulsory and the number of participants is limited. Participation fee: 400€ + 60€ for the B.Motion pass including all the performances.

Teaching Course on Dance Well
In collaboration with Casa di Cura Villa Margherita in Arcugnano, a leader on Parkinson studies and part of the NYU Fresco Institute for Italy, this course is a whole new opportunity for dance professionals to learn in an artistic and scientific way the Dance Well method, a dance practice for people with Parkinson.
The Teaching Course Dance Well (17th – 26th August) includes a scientific course, an artistic teaching course, meetings and events, and, from September to November researches and workshops and a specific calendar of activities for each participant.

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