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Summer School (english version)

Summer School Programme 2017

WORKSHOP in collaboration with NoLimita-c-tion dance teachers
This year the No Limita-c-tions contemporary dance teachers organise two different workshops:
Workshop 1 with Stian Danielsen
from 22nd to 27th August, 9-11 am, Palestra Brocchi
The class will be based on improvisations with a focus on dynamic shifts, gradually building up on clear and specific tasks that will create awareness of the possibilities within one’s own body as well as others’. Stian Danielsen is choreographer, dancer and teacher educated at the Faculty of Performing Art at The Norwegian National Academy of the Arts (2005 – 2009). He has worked for Biennale Venezia, Norwegian National Opera, Operaestate Festival Veneto and Dance net Sweden among others. In 2011 he was one of top 20 prioritised companies of Aerowaves. Since 2010 he has been touring as a dancer with Jo Strømgren Company and with his own works.
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Workshop 2 with Marta Ciappina
from 22nd to 27th August, 4-5.30 pm, Palestra Brocchi
“Brilliant mind and powerful body”, this is the title of the workshop led by Marta Ciappina, trainer and performer who studied at the Trisha Brown Studio in New York and worked with many of the most important choreographers and performers in Italy and worldwide. The training she’ll lead in Bassano goes from exercises inspired by the Alexander and Klein Technique to creating movement scores related to the warm-up.
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Teaching Course on Dance Well
In collaboration with Casa di Cura Villa Margherita in Arcugnano, leader on Parkinson studies and part of the NYU Fresco Institute for Italy, this course gets to its second year and still it is a whole new opportunity to learn in an artistic and scientific way the Dance Well method, a dance practice for people with Parkinson. The Teaching Course Dance Well includes a scientific course about physical therapy (18-19 August), an artistic teaching course and attendance at meetings and events (21-27 August), scientific meetings, research and workshops (11 September – 30 November). At the end a certificate of participation and ECM credits will be released.
Here the full program in a pdf. brochure (Italian only).

During the four days of B.motion dance, the choreographers part of B.Motion Programme will lead open classes from 12 to 2 pm. Access only for B.Motion Card/Class holders.

Mini-B.motion Project
From the 22nd to 27th August: a program for young dancers (from 8 to 13 years old), part of B.Motion Programme, dedicated to contemporary dance. The classes are led by Eleonora Pifferi and Roberta Racis, dancers of the Balletto di Roma company. Participants will attend selected events of B.Motion and a laboratory of feedback on performances led by bloggers, too.