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European Dancehouse Network (EDN)

European Dancehouse Network (EDN) supported by the programme of the European Union for European Netwworks, with the project EDN21: strengthen-impact-imagine (2017-2020).
EDN is a network for trust and cooperation between European dancehouses sharing a common vision regarding the development of dance art across borders. EDN works on different aspects, but its key mission is to cooperate in securing a sustainable future for the dance sector and to improve relevance for diverse dance among society. To do so, EDN works on different aspects: enhance art management skills, offer team teaching and mentoring; sustain a continuous audience education programme and share tools for audience development; support a platform for intercultural exchange, develop joint projects, share insight and redevelop organisations; use projects to address cultural themes whilst integrating minorities to encourage active cultural participation; conduct best practice model testing, offer support and provide information; promote exchanges for artistic development, curate, present and co-produce.



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