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EMPOWERING DANCE - The Soft Skills Teaching and Learning Approach

Empowering Dance - The Soft Skills Teaching and Learning Approach (ED2) is the necessary sequel of Empowering Dance - Developing Soft Skills, a previous Erasmus+ strategic partnership - cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices project (10/2018 - 02/2020).
This project demonstrated the development of a large variety of soft skills through the practice of contemporary dance such as: the ability to reflect upon oneself, effectively manage time and information, work with others in a constructive way, the ability to cope with complexity and to lead a health-conscious, future-oriented life, empathizing and managing conflict in an inclusive and supportive context. The project aimed at empowering dance artists/educators to become aware of their implicit knowledge and skills in the field of soft skills teaching in order to strengthen their self-confidence and help them develop strategies to transfer their competences to other fields of teaching and expand their job opportunities and competitiveness.

ED2 aims to develop an Intellectual Output (IO), a Digital Handbook, that serves as an online learning and teaching toolkit supporting dance artists/educators in their professional practice. It will help them define language, articulate their teaching approach, broaden their skills, competences and scope of working possibilities. It will help them acquire new qualifications and apply with awareness their embodied knowledge that is too often operating in the background and rarely named in detail for its unique potential in diverse settings. 
The previous project has identified, collected and articulated the implicit soft skills developed through contemporary dance practice which have proven to be helpful in developing strong personal, social and learning skills. ED2 includes similar dance practices as case studies led by dance artists/educators who are specifically experienced in working with non-professionals.

Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik Gmbh / K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg (Germany)
CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea-Casa della Danza/Comune di Bassano del Grappa (Italy)
Dansateliers Rotterdam (Netherlands)
La Briqueterie - CDCN du Val-de-Marne (France)
University of Roehampton (London): Dance Department
HIPP Zagreb
Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb

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