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Modul Dance

Modul Dance A quinquennial project (2010/2014) promoted by EDN: the European network of Dance Houses of which CSC/Casa della Danza is a partner since 2011 (the only Italian member). Module Dance aims to provide contemporary dance creators with the best conditions with which to fulfill their artistic paths through 4 phases: research, residency, production, and presentation of works. The CSC for this project has hosted during the year numerous residencies of artists and companies promoted by the program. It has also sustained for Italy the choreographer and dance author Alessandro Sciarroni, who has developed for Modul-Dance his new work “Untitled-I will be there when you die”, also present in the program of “B.motion Danza” on 24th August. During the same evening, The Loose Collective, the Austrian company, has been performing, supported by the same European project.
See the video or read the book.


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