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Supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, “Replay” is a European fabrique of innovative participatory experiences combining dance, gameplay and digital media, allowing European citizens to share playful performative experiences and replay them. These experiences will unfold on the occasion of the 2024 Olympics in Paris and after. “Replay” explores the rules and mechanisms of the “game” that allows the performance and how they engage participatory audiences to design innovative collective experiences with a high replay value.
The project aims to allow diverse and mixed audiences to share joyful moments in the public space; also to contribute to social cohesion by mixing diverse audience (ages, genders, cultures...); and to attract a large audience by designing an innovative “replay value”. Creation teams combining artists from different European countries and creation fields, will implement a common platform supporting digital interactive media used for mediation and immersion; create inclusive, participatory and playful experiences engaging the body through offscreen interactive media. “Replay” will broadcast the performances during events or massive connected experiences and disseminate through open creation tools, training workshops, publications, conferences and videos.


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