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OPEN CALL under25: Hummingbirds and Hamburgers

We are looking for participants to collaborate in a series of performative workshops based in Bassano del Grappa (venue TBC) and to partake in a live sharing for a public audience, co-hosted by Fondazione Bonotto and Operaestate. The project is led by UK based artist Christine Ellison in collaboration with Erato Tzavara (Athens based video artist) and Nicholas Ward (Irish computer scientist and media installation artist from DMARC, University of Limerick).

Hummingbirds and Hamburgers is a participatory project that aims to stimulate embodied enquiry into screen-based interfaces. Our interdisciplinary team of artists and researchers will lead participants in the co-creation of a ‘post-digital event score’. We will immerse ourselves in the Bonotto Foundation’s archive, with Fluxus scores becoming points of departure to reclaim the body in a digital age. In applied workshops we position the body as central to language and interaction. We use somatics, improvisation and intermedia composition to re-imagine commands and signs from the interface as prompts for physical gesture; ‘making strange’ of the ordinary. The new score will be performed live at Bassano (IT), with a film screening later in Reading (UK). More info…

Who are we looking for?
We invite students (20<25 aged) with an interest in Intermedia Art or Performance Art to apply.
Experience can be in any of the following: performance / theatre / music / sound art / dance / audiovisual art / graphic design / UX design. It is important to be available for all of the days (4-8 November) and to be open to taking part in a range of different activities under the guidance and support of our creative team.
A fee of €250 will be provided for each participant.

4/11/2022 at FONDAZIONE BONOTTO Via Louvigny, 39, 36064 - COLCERESA (VI) Italy
Workshop 1: Somatic movement exploration and discussion around experiences of the user interface.
Workshop 2: Generate Signs for instruction through drawing, print, collage.

5/11/2022 - 6/11/22 in (city centre venue TBC) - BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI) Italy
Workshop 3: Generate audio-visual instructions for live action.
This will involve the development of audio and visual triggers for performative response. There will be
an emphasis on analogue materials as well as digital solutions.

6/11/2022 - 7/11/22 in (city centre venue TBC) - BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI) Italy
Workshop 4: We will design an algorithm to organise the structure of the performance.

6/11/2022 - 8/11/22 in (city centre venue TBC) - BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI) Italy
Test the score and map to the performance site.

8/11/2022 in (city centre venue TBC) - BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI) Italy
Sharing of the score for public audience.

How to get involved
Please send a short paragraph expressing your interest in taking part to Christine Ellison: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 14 October 2022.
Your email should include:
Name of Programme and year of study:
Interest / relevant experience:
What do you think you could bring to this project:
What would you like to gain from this experience:

This project is supported by The Arts Council of England, Onassis-Stegi Cultural Centre, The University of Reading and The University of Limerick.