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On April 29th discover: "Danzopoly: the social board game that invites you to dance"

On April 29th the City of Bassano del Grappa, in north-east Italy, celebrates the International Dance Day through its dancehouse CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Dance Well (the dance practice for people living with Parkinson’s and open to everyone) and its festival Operaestate, with a special online programme of live streamed classes, dancing challenges and videos from all over the world.
Continuing the research on how to spread the culture of contemporary dance, make it accessible and bring it into the everyday life as an important tool for the wellbeing, the CSC created a board game: “Danzopoly - the board game that invites you to dance” is inspired by the most popular board games (such as Monopoly) but challenges participants to dance. [DOWNLOAD IT HERE!]

On April 29th people connecting to the Dance Well facebook page will go through the board of the game, step by step, and discover all the challenges and surprises hidden behind each one of the 26 boxes.
The programme starts at 8.30am CET with the live streaming of the class with Sangeeta Isvaran from India and continues with the three live streamings of the F.A.Q. LAB by Italian dance maker Andrea Rampazzo (at 9.30am, 2pm and 5pm CET): a dance practice that invites participants to respond to questions and ideas with movement, using objects and spaces of the house. The last live streaming of the morning (at 11am CET) will be led by dance artist Giulio de Leo from the Casa della Cultura Books Museum in Ruvo di Puglia, southern Italy. Throughout the day, dance artist Giacomo Citton meets on zoom some audience members in Artistic Blind Dates, an artistic practice developed during the international project Museum of Human Emotions 2020, consisting in a round of questions – to be answered verbally or through movement - that activate empathy in the digital space.

The Italian network of Dance Well has created a series of contents consisting in short video practices accessible to everyone from every space, and filmed in inspiring spaces or in collaboration with the local communities of Dance Well dancers. Videos will arrive from Rome, in collaboration with ParkinZone Onlus, from Schio (Vicenza) and its historical Theatre, from the Dancehouse of Collegno (Turin) Lavanderia a Vapore, and from Verona in its Museums with the Dance Well teachers of Associazione Arte3. Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi Museum, in Florence, will share a video of the artistic practices and activities inspired by the newest installation “La Ferita” by French artist JR.

The International network shares dance films from all over the world, starting a selection of six videos from the rich and diverse "Dance Plus City" project: а real dessert for the eyes, that demonstrates the synergy of contemporary dance and architecture in short video clips. Made in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda cities, it is a joint project of Lithuanian National Television (LRT and LRT PLIUS), Lithuanian Dance Information Centre, Architecture Fund, Šeiko Dance Company, Aura Dance Company, Kaunas 2022. The sharing of these six videos and of three additional short dance films available for 24 hours (Dovilė Petkūnaitė’s “Artificial”, Erika Vizbaraitė’s “MA 108” and Seiko dance company’s “Under the Skin”), is made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Lithuanian Dance Information Centre and with the support of the Lithuanian Cultural Institute.
From Israel, the Yasmeen Godder Company shares for 48 hours the documentary dedicated to Practicing Empathy 2by2, a dance project that investigates the theme of empathy in times of social distancing, and that has been presented in Bassano during BMotion 2020.
From the UK, Impermanence and the Birmingham Royal Ballet share with the Danzopoly audience “Empty Stage”, a new short film dedicated to the ambition to keep ballet and performance alive. “Empty Stage” is a celebration of the performing arts and artists: it is Carlos Acosta's first major digital commission for the Company, as whilst continuing to nurture and highlight the world-class talent in his own company, there is also a strong pull to do the same through cross-art collaborations. And from the Italian ballet scene, choreographer Massimiliano Volpini asks himself and the viewers “What is dance?” in a funny and smart video.

Two new Miss D videos complete the programme: short dance films recorded in the rooms of the City Museum in Bassano del Grappa, created by a team of dance artists, film makers and a writer/dramaturg, that create a new narrative for dance in museums and new forms of dialogues among different art forms.

All the activities are open to everyone, and each link to the zoom spaces or to the live streams will be shared during the day on the Dance Well facebook page. The pdf of the board game with instructions both in English and Italian is available here from April 29th to download.

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